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Présentation of Let's Talk
What about Being Surprised by the Magic
of Discovering the People of this World
  Let's Talk was born from the idea of making it easier to meet people in the whole world..  
  If your dream is to go and meet the inhabitants of the countries you are visiting, Let's Talk is your indispensable passport for the fullfillment of your trip.  
  How to get in contact with people when you are a foreigner and you do not speak the same language ?  
  Simply by letting them know which language would allow you to communicate with them.  
  How ?  
...by wearing Let's Talk
  What is Let's Talk ?  
  A tee shirt, a sweat shirt, a hat or a cap, on which the following message is printed :  
Hello, do you speak........... ?
  This message is written in the language of the country where you plan to go and says which language you can speak.  
  For example : Bonjour ! Parlez-vous anglais ?  
  You can have a look of the messages combinations, with our "Visualisor". There, You'll find varieties of languages such as laotian, arabic or estonian.  
...and you will communicate !
  The world through the languages  

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