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Become our ambassador
 be the ambassadors
 of www.let-s-talk.com

www.let-s-talk.com is looking for independent travelers : backpackers, touring cyclists, etc. whose aim is the contact with the visited populations, to use and show our tee-shirts all over the world (1 T-shirt by couple or by family).

Let's talk offers you free a tee-shirt with the message :

Hello ! Do you speak english ?

in the language of the visited country.

This concept is especially aimed to the traveler: solitary, contemplative, adventurer, ecological, sportive.

Send a small summary of your future trip


In exchange you have to send us :

  1. The photocopy of your plane ticket
  2. Take pictures of you wearing the T-shirt, if possible in the company of native people, and with a little comment. One or more photos will be exposed on the page gallery of our site with your agreement.
  3. Please send us your request one month before your departure to be sure to receive the T-shirt in time.
...and you will communicate !
  The world through the languages  

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